Shinetime is a new time measuring system that shows how much light is available each day. We humans are energized by the sun. Therefore it is important for our wellbeing to know when sunlight is available. By doing so, we make best use of every sparkle of light.

See time in a new light.

Jeroen: “I feel uncomfortable using our current clock. It feels like a strict rhythm of hours, minutes and seconds. There is no escaping.
Clocks should just be tools to help organize our lives, not so much to ‘dictate’ what to do when.”

Our clocks are rigid and mechanic, while nature is flexible and organic. The time measuring tools we use are still based on primitive technologies, simply because a few centuries ago those were the best available mechanics. Our current machines are advanced and as a result can move along with the seasons. This is why I created a system that adapts itself to nature and to humans.

The end of daylight saving time.

No single day is the same. In the morning at dawn, Shinetime makes a fresh start and resets itself to 0:00. Every day gives you a different amount of shine-hours and shine-minutes. As a result there no longer is a need to artificially change clocks to ‘summer-‘ or ‘wintertime’. Shinetime automatically adapts to the sun and seasons.

3D Printing, Electronics, Concept, Experiment


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    Shinetime was launched at
    Dutch Design Week 2022
    Eindhoven, Netherlands

    Selected by designwanted as
    Iconic work of DDW22

    Talk at Pakhuis de Zwijger
    Designing Cities for All – ‘Design for Time’
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    (Youtube – from 50:20)


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