Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 25 September 2021
Subject: Apple App Store Guideline Infringement

Dear Apple,

Hereby I wish to report a violation of your terms and conditions.

The apps ‘CoronaCheck Netherlands’ and ‘Scanner for CoronaCheck’ offered by developer ‘Rijksoverheid’ infringe with Apple’s core company values and App Store Review guidelines.

The apps developed by ‘Rijksoverheid’ exclude healthy people from society and from engaging in social lifein many different ways. Apple’s App Store, hardware products, technology and systems are being (mis)used to facilitate an act of discrimination by the apps mentioned above. The apps are used in such a way it segregates people based on their medical properties and choices.

This violation of human rights conflicts with your company guidelines and core values stated in the following document.

“As a global technology company, we feel a deep sense of responsibility to make technology for people that respects their human rights, empowers them with useful tools and information, and enhances their overall quality of life.”

App Store Review Guideline infringement

Furthermore ‘CoronaCheck Netherlands’ and ‘Scanner for CoronaCheck’ violate rule 1.4.5. of your App Store Review Guidelines.
“1.4.5 Apps should not urge customers to participate in activities (like bets, challenges, etc.) or use their devices in a way that risks physical harm to themselves or others.”

How come? These apps -offered through the Apple App Store- and the way they are used urge people to participate in activities that may physically harm them. The apps are used as a tool to discriminate between people who had a medical treatment or test and those who freely decide not to.

Access to a restaurant, cafe, event or theater is only granted if an app user underwent a test procedure that violates ones physical integrity or underwent a treatment with a substance that is still in its experimental stage. Long term (side) effects of the treatment are unknown.
Or in software terms: this substance is in Beta.

“Substances categorized as ‘Experimental Unapproved Treatments for COVID-19’.“

Request of withdrawal

Therefore I friendly but urgently request Apple to immediately withdraw ‘CoronaCheck Netherlands’ and ‘Scanner for CoronaCheck’ currently present in the Dutch App Store and no longer facilitate their distribution. By doing so Apple does not only stop the violation of human rights in Dutch society caused by developer ‘Rijksoverheid’ but also apply the App Store Review Guidelines for which they are intended.

Withdrawal of the apps will help Apple customers to participate in an open society without boundaries. Enable them to freely share thoughts, ideas and opinions. No matter who they are, whatever they look like, whatever they believe, whatever choices they make in life. No matter where they like to meet, work or hang out.

Just like you did in your 80s commercial, this is the moment to throw a virtual sledgehammer. By withdrawing the apps mentioned above, Apple will help the world to move forward, the main aim of technology. Instead of turning back the clock to 1984.

Kind Regards,

-Apple Customer from the Netherlands – Jeroen Timmer