Drawn maps of cities and villages. These maps are compilations of (very subjective) drawings made by locals. They indicate points of orientation, both public and personal, preferred routes and the way people experience their city.

Having a look at a map makes you navigate through the lines and indications. So far seven places have been mapped; Warsaw, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Hippolytushoef, Baarle-Nassau/Hertog and Doetinchem.

Maps are created by choosing a place, selecting a central point and walking a 15 kilometer circle around this point. On the way people are asked to draw a map from our current location to the central point. The collected drawings are compiled into an A1 sized map.

We made custom maps for: Sign Projectspace Groningen, Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam, Academie voor Bouwkunst Amsterdam.


Way to make a map:
1. Choose a city 2. Choose a central point locals ought to know 3. Plan a route of about 5 kilometers around this point 4. Start biking/walking this route 5. Along the way ask 10-15 locals to draw a map from the place where we are now to the central point 6. While drawing interview people about their city and drawing in progress 7. Complete the circle and end the day at the central point 8. Make hi-res scans of all maps 9. Compile all drawings into one big drawn city map using Photoshop